Finish Carpentry Tools: Top Choices by Professionals

Finish carpentary tools are used to achieve a professional, smooth and detailed finish. There are many finish carpentary tools, each designed for specific functions. These are a few tools used by professional carpinters.

Major Tools

The 12 inch miter box saw is going to be incredibly helpful for cutting the wood for the finish look that you are looking for. A nail gun is going to be important for nailing pieces into place, when necessary. A belt sander may also be used for when you need to find the perfect fit between two pieces.

Accessory Tools

There are certain accessories that are vital to the finish look. These finish carpentry tools are often overlooked, but are important. A razor knife is important, as well as various types of wood chisels. Squeeze clamps used along with biscuits and glue (for connecting pieces) are incredibly useful for those who want a solid build.