Finishing Decorative Molding: 3 Tips

Installing a decorative molding in your home is not that hard, but you need to know some things to ensure a more perfect finish.

1. Seasoning Your Materials

Before installing and finishing any piece of molding in your house, always let them rest in the place where they will be installed. Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF and wood are the usual material in decorative moldings and these are liable to change with humidity and temperature. Allow the materials to acclimatize in the room around ten days before they will be installed.

2. Avoiding Mistakes in Finishing Decorative Moldings

To be able to get a more perfect fits and joints, measure twice but cut only once. This is a simple rule that will help you avoid mistakes. However, you can always fill in small gaps with a joint filler to hide the flaw. You might also want to lay each piece of molding in place, cut the next molding and so on until the whole task is done. This way, you can attach all the pieces to the wall at the same time.

3. Achieving a More Perfect Finish

Use finishing nails only and sink them into the wood using a small hammer. This will avoid the dents on the molding face should you miss hitting the nail. Use a countersink to set the nails just below the surface of the decorative molding. Cover any filler or caulk you applied with stain or paint.