Finishing Porch Benches: 2 Tips

Finishing porch benches can be a hassle, but these tips can help you when you finally decide that it's time to get the job done. Remembering to keep your area free of debris, clean of dirt and mold, and following simple finishing methods will get you done in no time.

1. Clear and Clean the Bench

Make sure you clear the area of any debris. This is the most important step in the finishing process, as it ensures that you are working on a clean area. Simply eyeballing the bench will not wipe away those tiny specs of dirt and grime that you can't see. If need be, hose the bench down, and wait for it to dry. Start near the bottom of the bench, wiping down the entire bench until you reach the top.

2. Outline Before Finishing

A common mistake when finishing benches, or any other type of outdoor furniture, is not employing proper methodology during the finishing process. It can be tempting to haphazardly apply the stain to the bench without forethought, but doing so may result in an unprofessional appearance. Begin your finishing process by outlining the edges of the furniture. Cover the edges using a paintbrush, and do not over apply the stain, as doing so may result in dripping.