Finishing Your Garage Exterior: Brick Garage vs Siding

A brick garage is a great option if you are considering remodeling or repairing the exterior of your garage. It is a very common material used in exterior decoration, along with vinyl siding. Contractors and homeowners often combine both materials because they can be a great addition to any garage. Read on to learn about the main differences between bricks and siding for a garage.


A brick garage is slightly more expensive than the vinyl siding, costing about $5 to $12 per foot, while siding costs $2 to $4 per square foot. However, brick is considered of higher value than siding. If your house and garage have brick siding, they will appreciate at 5 to 10 percent once built, offsetting the additional cost of the brick.


Brick siding requires little or no maintenance. You will not be obliged to paint brick siding, which doesn’t dent or rot. It is considered pest and fire resistant.

Vinyl siding is not that durable and requires some maintenance if you wish to ensure its longevity. You will need to clean it from time to time, using water and soap or detergent. In general, vinyl siding will fade after 10 to 15 years, and you will need to replace it.

Weather Resistance

Both siding and brick are weather resistant, and they are not vulnerable to extreme conditions such as snow, ice and hurricanes. Siding can withstand fast and heavy winds, while a brick garage is known to keep heat out during summer and in during winter.