Fire Alarm Cable

Fire alarm cable is specifically used for the installation of a fire alarm system in buildings of all sizes. To ensure operation of the fire alarm, you need the right cable to connect the system control panel with every satellite component including notification appliances, initiating sensors and other devices. Fire alarm cable comes in different varieties designed for both plenum and non-plenum installation. The plenum space of a building is a secure area used to run cable, ductwork and piping. Because these areas are exposed to more extreme situations, any cable extending through it must be of a special variety.

Fire Alarm Cable Types

Plenum-rated fire alarm cable is specially-shielded in a fire-resistant material, often teflon. This durable shielding allows the fire alarm system to function properly even during a fire when it is most needed. Non-plenum fire alarm cable does not feature the same durable sheathing and is consequently rated for use elsewhere in a structure.

Other Fire Alarm Cable Information

Fire alarm cable is available in 2- and 4-conductor varieties, depending on the application. Usually sold in lengths of 1,000 feet, fire alarm cable will run throughout a building, creating a web of security. Connect a fire alarm system the right way with the fire alarm cable rated for each particular use.