Fire Doors: Placement And Installation Fire Doors: Placement And Installation

Fire doors are a requirement in large office buildings, in some smaller offices and homes.  Fire doors are barriers that serve to protect one part of an area from another in the instance of a fire. 


Fire doors are best installed in fire resistant walls.  For home use, fire doors are usually placed between the garage and the actual living area of the home.  In office buildings fire doors are placed wherever exit signs are located and wherever a door leads to a stairwell.  They are also usually placed wherever a door might lead to anything highly flammable or from room to room or room to hallway. 


The actual installation of a fire door can be a little complicated and often requires the expertise of a carpenter.  The proper installation of a fire door can be a very complex process depending upon what type of fire resistance it carries and whether or not the adjoining walls and frames are appropriate or must also be replaced. 

Fire doors must be certified.  Fire doors should never be held open once installed.  If they need to be held open it should only be with the appropriate magnetized system that releases itself when a fire or extreme smoke is present. 

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