Fireboard Flame Guards: 3 Cool Ideas Fireboard Flame Guards: 3 Cool Ideas

Adding a fireboard flame guard in front of your fireplace will prevent embers and sparks from being propelled out of the inner hearth onto your carpeting, drapes and furniture. Several styles of fireboard flame guard are available for your fireplace. Learn more about these 3 safety devices that can add peace of mind to your warm fireplace environment.

1- Ornamental Screen Fireboards

These were the most popular fireboards until recently, when many people were appalled to notice embers and sparks jumping the tops and on tile hearths and carpeting. Burn marks, stains and fires were the result. These have largely been replaced by inset fireboards and enclosed box fireboards. If you use a gas fireplace that burns a prefabricated log, you can still use a screen fireboard. These specialized logs have no knots or resin that can create sparks. Keep your ornamental screen fireboard fully unfolded and as close to the fireplace entrance as possible.

2- Inset Fireboards

One of the most popular styles of fireboard, the inset style fits precisely into the mouth of the fireplace pit. Inset fireboards have a stainless steel frame that hugs the outer surround of the fireplace. It is fitted with either a steel mesh front or glass sliding doors. For child safety, the glass doors can be equipped with a lock. For a country or traditional decor, choose an inset fireboard with curved wrought iron handles and front pedestal legs. To add wood to your fireplace, unlock and slide the glass doors, or tilt the steel frame outward to remove it temporarily.

3- Enclosed Box Fireboards

These fireboards look like a solarium for your fireplace, with a sloped top and 3 walls, two at right angles to the front. They are made of stainless steel mesh, supported by L-shaped stainless steel columns, welded to a solid steel kickplate. Handles to move the fireboards are welded to the steel frame. You can choose from a wide variety of metal finishes over the steel. For a traditional room, choose a blackened finish like wrought iron. In a contemporary room, go for the silvery gleam of polished or brushed stainless steel. In a room with a mix of furniture styles and a hardwood floor, select a polished brass, brushed bronze or copper finish for your enclosed box fireboard.

How to Get the Correct-Sized Fireboard

Measure your fireplace opening from top to bottom, and across the width at the bottom, center and top. If the measurements differ, use the largest of each dimension to order an enclosed box fireboard. You will also need to know the depth of your hearth in front of the fireplace to get the best size of enclosed box fireboard for your needs. Most enclosed box fireboards are 6 to 8 inches deep from front to back.

To get the best fit for an inset fireboard, use the narrowest dimension of the width and height to be sure it can go fully inside the fireplace opening.

Ensure the ornamental screen you purchase will extend at least 4 inches to each side of the fireplace opening and 4 inches above the top.

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