Fireplace Brick Painting: A Short Primer

What You'll Need
Sandpaper (one piece)
Vacuum cleaner (recommended)
Bucket of soapy water
Masking tape
Masonry latex primer (primer that is good for bricks)
Acrylic latex paint
Roller and tray (optional)
Paint brush

Fireplace brick painting can turn an ordinary fireplace into a vibrant and unique accessory to the room. 

Step 1 – Clean the Bricks

With a piece of sandpaper, take off any loose pieces of mortar or old paint (if the bricks were previously painted). Next, use the rag from the bucket of soapy water to scrub the bricks. After the bricks have dried, it is wise to vacuum the area around the fireplace to pick dust and dirt that may have fallen off.

Step 2 – Tape off Areas

Put tape on the areas around the fireplace to protect them from the paint. This is an easy and important step in the process of fireplace brick painting and will prevent making a mess of your walls.

Step 3 – Prime the Bricks

Using either the roller or a paintbrush, whichever you prefer, put the latex primer onto the bricks. Allow the primer to dry.   

Step 4 – Paint the Bricks

When it is time for fireplace brick painting, paint the bricks using the acrylic latex paint in the color of your choice. After the first coat has dried, add one or two more to give it a rich, full color.