Fireplace Corbels Fireplace Corbels

A fireplace corbel is an architectural feature that has been around since Medieval times. Essentially a supporting bracket, the corbel served as a structural and decorative element. Historically, the purpose of a corbel was to support the weight of everything from balconies to parapets and were formed in the likenesses of animals and mythical beasts such as gargoyles.

Modern Corbel Use

Over the years, architectural styles and technology have changed the way corbels are applied in the modern home. One of the most common use of the corbel today is their integration into the design of the fireplace. Fireplace corbels can be attached under the mantel or above it. They can function as a frame or provide a simple artistic statement. 

Corbel Materials

In the past, corbels were often made of stone. Today, they are made of materials ranging from marble, cement, plaster, and composite materials like polyurethane. Wood, especially poplar, cherry, pine, and mahogany, have also become a favorite material for corbels due to its versatility; it can be carved, reshaped, and easily replaced to reflect your current style preference. 

Fireplace Corbels

Fireplace corbels come in different shapes and sizes and often project the dramatic imagery of nature in their ornamental motifs of shells, leaves, fruits such as grapes, clouds, and waves.

If you would like to change the look and feel of your fireplace, the incorporation of corbels can add a decorative focal point to your room.

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