Fireplace Glass Doors Installation Guide

Fireplace glass doors are your protection against a wood fire that is left unattended. Unlike a gas fireplace, a wood fire that is left unattended is not safe.

The basic purpose of fireplace glass doors is to create a barrier between the wood fire and the nearby wood flooring and mantle. While most new fireplaces come with glass doors, there may be a need for a retrofit of glass doors in a fireplace that you have in your house. Glass doors come in standard sizes to ensure that they fit into most fireplaces. However, there may be instances where the fireplace is surround or undersized.


If you want to install fireplace glass doors make sure that you have the following tools handy.

  • Screwdriver or Socket Wrench
  • Drill
  • 5/16 Masonry Drilling Bit
  • Hammer
  • Dark Marker

Installing Fireplace Glass Doors

To install fireplace glass doors, follow the following 8 steps.

Step 1: Attaching Lintel Clamps to Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace glass doors come attached to a one-piece frame. Place the unit in front and stabilize it with your body while you work. You will see screws at its back, one in each corner. Remove the screws and keep them aside as you will need them. Take the lintel clamps and put them together. Take two of the screws that you removed and screw the lintel clamps into each of the two top corner screw holes.

Step 2: Adjusting Clamps on Fireplace Glass Doors

When you are tightening the screws hold the lintel clamps and ensure that the screws fit into the slot. The slot lets you to adjust the clamps either way: up or down. Tighten the screws in a way that they are perfectly aligned with the bottom of the lintel that runs across the top of the firebox.

Step 3: Positioning Fireplace Glass Doors

Position the entire unit into the opening of the firebox. With a dark marker, mark the places where bracket holes meet the floor.

Step 4: Drilling Lead Anchor Holes

Remove the fireplace glass doors and drill a two inch hole at both the marks. Make sure that you drill into brick and not mortar.

Step 5: Inserting Lead Anchors

Use a vacuum to remove dust from the floor as well as the holes. Now, gently hammer in the lead anchors ensuring that they are level with the floor surface.

Step 6: Insulating Fireplace Glass Doors

Remove the insulation that comes with fireplace glass doors. Tear it off of pieces to fit into the two side and top channels of fireplace glass doors. Press the insulation tightly together into all three channels since the purpose of the insulation is to protect the door frame finish from heat and for keeping the smoke from leaking out.

Step 7: Inserting Fireplace Glass Doors

Insert the unit inside the fireplace opening. Ensure that the unit is level with the front of the fireplace box. Also, make sure that there is no insulation extending out. Screw the sheet metal screws through the bottom brackets into the lead anchors. Secure the unit by tightening the screws with a socket wrench.

Step 8: Final Adjustment

Adjust the lintel clamps to position them correctly in line with the lintel bar. Tighten the screws and secure fireplace glass doors in place.