Fireplace Mantel Cabinet Construction Guide Fireplace Mantel Cabinet Construction Guide

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Sandpaper or router
Furring strips
Wood putty
Paint or stain

Adding a fireplace mantel cabinet to your fireplace will give you more room to display pictures and books.

Plan Out Your Fireplace Mantel Cabinet

Determine the dimensions by measuring the firebox on all three sides, adding ¾ inch to each dimension. Mark the dimensions of the legs for the cabinet on the wall using a level to measure.

Cut and Install Fireplace Mantel Cabinet Legs     

Cut and install the back of the legs that form the cabinet. Have the legs extend from the bottom of the shelf to the floor.

Use nails or wood glue to secure the sides and front of the cabinet legs. Sand the edges of the legs with sandpaper or a router. Be sure to sand with the grain of the wood. Mark above the mounted legs for the placement of the horizontal board. Measure, cut and install the cleats and furring strips.

Cut and Install Top Piece and Shelf

Cut your top piece, making sure to add a 3/4 inch front to back and side to side. Sand top piece and install over the furring strips once level.

Measure and cut the fireplace cabinet shelf, and nail it to the wall. After the shelf is mounted, attach molding around the cabinet shelf.

Finish the fireplace cabinet by using wood putty to fill nail holes. Sand the wood putty smooth, then prime and paint the fireplace mantel cabinet.

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