Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas

blue ceramic items with floral design on a fireplace mantel

You can turn even the most basic mantel into something dazzling with the right fireplace mantel décor. Don’t be scared to be bold when it comes to sprucing up your mantel. Even taking some more traditional décor ideas and applying them in a new way can make a world of difference.


Candles are a staple when it comes to fireplace mantel décor, but by adding different colors and sizes, you can spruce up your mantel. Placing a large candle at one end and several smaller candles at the other end will give your mantel some variety while maintaining balance. Using different-shaped candles and adding a variety of colors will also create a unique look.

Picture Frames

While fireplace mantels are a typical place to show off family photos, why not use them to display a couple of key pieces of art? Framing one or two prints of your favorite pieces of art and displaying them on the mantel creates an artistic feel to the room. And because prints don’t cost a lot, you can change up the pictures depending on your current tastes. And rather than setting them on the mantel in a traditional frame, lean them against the wall behind the mantel for a more casual look.

Keep it Simple

The most important thing to remember when picking out your fireplace mantel décor is not to overdo it: too much of anything can make the mantel look cluttered and junky.