Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Before you buy a mantel for your house, you need to consider the price, designs, materials and sytles of different fireplace mantel ideas in order to choose the perfect fireplace mantel for you.

What are some Fireplace Mantel Ideas?

A fireplace mantel can play an important part in the style and design of your home.  When you are thinking about ideas for your fireplace mantel, you must consider price.  Fireplace mantels can be found anywhere from less than $1,400, up to over $5,000 and beyond. 

You also must consider the style and feel you are going for in your home.  Some homes enjoy an older, rustic feel and a brick fireplace mantel is perfect for that.  Others may want a classic feel, and they prefer a marbel fireplace mantel.  Another kind of style you can find is wood.  Types of wood that are available are: oak, cherry, maple and pine.  The less expensive fireplace mantels are made out of concrete and plaster.

A fire place mantel can give a room a different feel, and that is why they come in different designs.  Manufacurers design fireplace mantel in contemporary, hip, country and traditional designs.