Fireplace Mantel Surround Options Fireplace Mantel Surround Options

When planning out your fireplace, you have several options for your fireplace mantel surround. A fireplace mantel surround adds some style to your fireplace,”surrounding” it to give it a more finished looked. You can choose between several different materials for your mantel surround, depending on your budget and the look you want to achieve.


A marble fireplace mantel surround will probably be your most expensive options. It has a very rich look and feel to it and can be very plain or intricately carved, depending on the look you want to achieve. Marble also has the advantage of being both durable and long lasting.

Stone or Brick

A stone or brick fireplace mantle surround offers a more rustic look, usually achieved by applying the stones or brick in a haphazard pattern. These fireplace mantel surrounds are most often associated with a hunting cabin or cottage, but are popular for use in home libraries and less formal living rooms.


Installing a fireplace mantel surround made out of wood offers you the most option for style. Unlike marble, stone or brick, wood is very easy to stain or paint over, changing the look of the mantel without installing a new one. Like marble, you can install a wood fireplace mantel surround that is very plain or has intricate carvings in it.

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