Fireplace Mantle Building Tips Fireplace Mantle Building Tips

There are not many design elements that can add a major impact like a fireplace mantle can. Building a mantle of your fireplace can add an instant impact to your overall room, and instantly transform it from dull to extraordinary.

A mantle is also a very practical addition. You gain additional shelf space for displaying pictures, and other decorations.

Mantle Design

A mantle can either be a simple block of timber above your fireplace opening, or an elaborate encasement that surrounds the fire box opening and contains many different decorative elements. When building your mantle, you should keep it within the general theme of the room.

Use Different Materials to Add Impact

While you are staying with the theme of the room, you can still use different types of materials to add impact to the design.

  • Wood
  • Flat Rock
  • Metal
  • Cement
  • Tile

These can all be used in different ways to create a stylish, functional, long lasting mantel.

Molding Makes a Big Difference

A major element to a mantel and a surround, is the molding you use. Molding that is too small will be overpowered by the fireplace and unnoticeable, while the opposite will happen with molding that is too wide. It will detract from the other elements. Choose molding, both crown and fluted, that will enhance the look of the mantel.

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