Fireplace Tile Installation Step-By-Step Fireplace Tile Installation Step-By-Step

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Safety Goggles
Tile cutter
Grout and grout spreader
Adhesive and spreader
Clean, dry cloth and sponge
Gloves (optional)

For an easy way to do some interior home remodeling you can tile your fireplace. Installing new fireplace tile can completely boost the look of any living room. It’s also a project that can be done in a weekend, once you have a design picked out.

Step 1 - Design and Measure

The first step in the process is to your complete a tile design, which will dictate how much and which types of tile you need to gather. Measure the area you want to tile carefully, and base your purchase amounts on those measurements.

Step 2 - Prep the Area

Prepare the area for the project. Use your sandpaper to remove all sheen from the area you will be tiling and then remove any molding. Cover any nearby furniture to prevent damage from the sanding dust.

Step 3 - Dry Run

Do a ‘dry run’ by setting up your pattern of tiles on a table or floor to make sure it fits together as you intended. Make any adjustments to the tiles necessary in order to be sure patterns and edges match up. Take a digital picture to refer back to as you are tiling. Measure the design setup to prepare for next step.

Step 4 - Draw Guidelines

Using your design measurements, draw the layout lines on the wall where you will be installing the tile. Use your level every step of the way and double check your measurements.

Step 5 - Start Tiling 

Begin to lay out your tile design from the top middle so that any tiles that have to be cut will end up on the bottom, by the floor. After finding your starting point, apply adhesive and lay tile as you did in your dry run. Adhesive will dry out quickly so do small areas at a time.

This is the step to use your gloves if you prefer. You will also want to keep your sponge and dry cloth available to clean up excess adhesive from the tile. 

Step 6 - Cut Tile Edges

Using all safety precautions, including safety goggles, use the tile cutters to cut out the edge tiles. Install edge tiles in the same way you installed the full tiles.

Step 7 -Let it Set

Clean off all excess adhesive.  Allow adhesive to bond overnight to the tiles.

Step 8 - Time to Grout

Mix grout according to directions and apply with the grout spreader. This is also a good time to use the gloves, as this can be a messy process. Clean up excess grout from tiles as you go. 

After grout has been applied, wait another hour and then check for excess grout again, wiping up with damp sponge.

Step 9 - Caulking

The last step is to add heat resistant caulking to the area around the fire box. 

Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful work!

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