First Alert Smoke Alarm

Available in photoelectric and ionization models, a First Alert smoke alarm is a reliable product made by one of the industry leaders. First Alert offers several different varieties of smoke alarm, including hardwired and battery-powered models. They also offer combination smoke alarm-carbon monoxide detectors. Homes with a natural gas connection should have a CO detector in place. Smoke alarms, however, are instrumental safety devices that should be properly installed and powered on every floor of every home. With its wide product selection, First Alert helps ensure that every home is protected.

Detection Methods

First Alert produces both ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms. Ionization alarms work by ionizing or removing an electron from an oxygen or nitrogen atom. This is accomplished with a small amount of americium-241, a radioactive element. Ionization smoke alarms are very sensitive and able to pick up trace, even invisible smoke particles. Photoelectric alarms are less sensitive and better suited to detect thick smoke.

Power Supply

Ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms from First Alert come in hardwired and battery-powered varieties. Hardwired units can be installed anywhere along a home circuit, but their installation is a bit more complex. They feature backup batteries in the event of a power failure. DC or battery-powered smoke alarms can go anywhere and will work in a power outage, but their batteries must be changed from time to time.