First Apartment Essentials

A couple on moving day sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes.

Moving away from home for the first time is scary. You'll have to cook all of your own meals, pay all of your own bills, and kill spiders completely unaided by those brave loved ones on whom you've grown dependent. Though exciting, the feeling of waking up in a completely empty apartment can be daunting and one may look around without the faintest idea of where to start. The lease has been signed, the Wi-Fi has been turned what? This article will provide a brief overview of things a new apartment dweller may need when moving into their first place. Ranging from the obvious to the less common house-to-home accessories, this list will be a great place to begin the process of stepping into independence!

Where to Begin

When first establishing yourself, you probably won’t have much. For instance, the chances of you having a kitchen table with one or two chairs, or a bathroom towel rack, is rather slim and to be honest, you don’t need them right away. When first beginning, you should make sure you have the essentials.

A Place to Sit

A couch on moving day.

I remember an early episode of The Big Bang Theory that explained how many of the characters on the show met and began living together. The main character Sheldon Cooper had a huge empty apartment and only a folding chair to sit on. At the time, I recall thinking how sad that was and wondered why he would’t just buy a couch. This mental picture lasted until I experienced a brand new apartment and realized how far down on the scale of home purchases a couch is when staring out. Furniture, especially new furniture, is expensive. To survive your first few months in a new apartment, just get something to sit on in your living room. This could be something second-hand, or even bean bag chairs. Just having a place to relax will create a sense of home during this exciting time.

A Place to Eat

The next item I recommend having when moving to a new apartment is somewhere to eat. Yes, you can eat on an old couch or a bean bag, but if the budget allows I recommend getting a small table with a chair or two. (On the topic of food, also acquire a place setting, frying pan, and sauce pan.)

A Place to Sleep

You may not have a bedroom set or even a headboard, but one should at least have a mattress on the floor and some bedding to cover it. You want to at least ensure a good night's sleep while more elaborate accessories can come in time.

More Things to Consider

  • Drapes/mini blinds
  • Lights/lamps
  • Garbage can
  • Small appliances (coffee pot, toaster)
  • Shower curtain and a few towels

Essentials to Buy in Time

Once established, your apartment won’t seem so scary. You have survived your first few months of independence unscathed, your new job (presuming you have one at this point) has given you a bit of freedom financially to attain things to bring your space a bit of comfort. Here are some items to get to now let your first apartment feel like home.

Dine with Maturity

Moving away from home for the first time is scary. You'll have to cook all of yo

With a bit of money comes creature comforts. Invest in such things as dishes and glasses, cooking gear (pots and things like spatulas and wooden spoons) and larger kitchen appliances (like a full-size refrigerator).

Focus on the Bedroom

Recall the mattress on the floor discussed above? When the time has come for you to no longer sleep that way, get a bed frame and headboard, and maybe even a dresser or night stand. Décor can come in time, and a bed sheet set with matching comforter and pillows can also be purchased.

A Place to Work

As someone who works from home a lot, a desk or designated work space is a blessing worth investing in. For comfort and overall health, consider investing in a quality desk chair that is made to last.

More Things to Consider

  • Side Tables
  • Rugs
  • Décor/artwork
  • TV/Entertainment