Fish Cooker

A Cabela's or Bayou Classic fish cooker are just a couple of the brands that offer this high-powered, portable outdoor multi-cooker. As its name indicates, a fish cooker is a great way to fry, boil or simmer freshly-caught fish, but it can be used for other foods as well. Similar to a jet cooker, a fish cooker features a propane-powered burner attached to a welded steel stand. Included is a durable fry pot and basket for submerging breaded fish into boiling oil. Use a fish cooker while camping, hunting, at parties and, of course, fishing.


Depending on the model, a fish cooker may feature a cast iron, anodized aluminum or stainless steel cooking vessel. The stand is typically made of welded steel, with a wide base and a large-circumference grate for holding the pot. A lid may be included, or it may be optional. Included with a fish cooker are the stand, pot, basket, propane hose, regulator and valve assembly. Propane canisters and the fuel are sold separately.

Output and Application

Fish cookers commonly put out around 50,000 BTU when in operation, more than enough to get cooking oil up to a rolling boil. An adjustable temperature control allows for more precise frying, boiling, simmering or steaming. Select units feature a multi-position grate, depending on the cooking application.