Fish Pond Cleaning: The Organic Way

Fish pond cleaning is something that anyone who owns a pond knows a great deal about. Even with a filter and all the necessary cleaning methods in place, there are still going to be times when you have to clean your pond. Many people that have a fish pond are looking for more organic ways to clean it. They want to do their part to protect the environment and want to avoid using harsh chemicals that could affect the health of their fish.

Organic Cleaning Basics

Organic fish pond cleaning is something that has many benefits. Not only are you ensuring the health of your fish, but the waste that is removed during fish pond cleaning has a variety of uses. You should clean your fish pond once a year. The spring or fall is the best time for cleaning as the water is cooler and your fish will adapt better.

Steps to Effective Cleaning

Move your fish to another pond or some sort of holding tank while you are cleaning. This will make it easier on you and decrease the stress on your fish. You should use a nylon brush to clean the sides of your pond. With this type of brush, there are no cleaners needed. Scrape up silt that has collected on the bottom of your pond. This silt can be used in your garden as mulch. It is great for plants and gardens and will make your garden healthier. Organic cleaning also keeps essential minerals in the pond. These minerals protect the health and well being of your fish.