Fish Pond Maintenance In Spring Fish Pond Maintenance In Spring

Fish pond maintenance is often the most time consuming, tedious maintenance process with a fish pond. This is especially true if you have koi or goldfish in your pond or if you have a large amount of aquatic plants in the pond.

Debris Removal

When you begin your spring fish pond maintenance, you need to start by removing all of the debris and foreign objects that have fallen into your pond over the winter. Start monitoring the water temperature of your pond. After it gets to between 40 and 55 degrees you can clean the filters and pumps. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure that you are properly cleaning your filters and pumps. Do not use any cleaners that might end up in the water with your fish after you are done cleaning. These can harm or possibly kill your fish.

Water Changes
Springtime is also a good time to look at changing the water in your pond during your fish pond maintenance. This provides instant oxygen flow through the water. Make sure that you treat the water for any chlorine or other harmful chemicals that could affect your fish. Spring is also a wonderful time to make any improvements and changes to your pond. It is the perfect time to add new plants to your garden.

Maintenance Summary
Performing these necessary fish pond maintenance tasks can put you on the path to a wonderful, productive pond all year long. You will have healthy fish and plant life. You will also have less maintenance to perform throughout the rest of the year.

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