Fitting a Tumble Dryer Vent

What You'll Need
Dryer vent kit

A tumble dryer vent is a very desirable piece of equipment which can be used to take moisture from the dryer and deliver it outside into the outside of the home. The dryer vent pushes hot air into the drum, uses it to dry clothes, and then moves the air out of a gap connected to a window. The dryer vent is perhaps the most suitable and affordable of all the dryers, and can be fitted easily once you understand what you need to do. If you have some home improvement skills, then by following some simple advice, you should be able to complete this project within a few hours.

Step 1 - Fit the Vent

You will first need to fit the vent into the back of your tumble dryer. Turn off the water supply at the mains, and allow water to drain away by running a tap until there is no water remaining in the system. You will first need to remove the back of the washing machine by unscrewing the panel. You should be able to locate the connections which will need to be linked to the vent, although the back of the kit should also have some instructions which should show you the location of the vent's connections. Place your vent within the back of the dryer, and screw it into the wall. You may also find that you need to connect the pipe leading from the drum into the back of the vent.

Step 2 - Fit the Pipework

Once the vent has been fitted, you will now need to install the pipe from the back of the tumble dryer. Connect the widest part of the flexible pipe into the part of the vent which faces into the room. If the pipe has a long way to go before it reaches an outside wall, you may have to screw the pipe against the wall using a bracket.

Step 3 - Make a Hole

The other end of the pipe will have to be connected to the outside air. You will have to knock a hole into the wall before you can operate the dryer. Do this by removing some of the brickwork using your drill to make the initial hole, and then use the hammer to knock out the rest of the hole.

Step 4 - Install the Vent

Attach the outside vent piece to the end of the pipe, and place these into the wall. You may find that you need to caulk around the edges of the vent in order to provide an air-tight seal. Once the vent is in place, turn the water back on, and operate the dryer for a few minutes. Check the pipe and vents for signs of leakage, and if there is any water, you will have to tighten your connections more. Once your vent installation is dry, you should be able to use it whenever you need it.