Fitting Curtains on Bifold French Doors Fitting Curtains on Bifold French Doors

Bifold French doors allow a lot of light to enter a home. When open, they create a large, airy space that grants access to a backyard, deck or patio. When closed, they provide a good view of the outdoors. A disadvantage of these doors, of course, is that people outside can see in as well. Also, it may be desirable to control the amount of light that comes in. Too much light can make the indoors too warm. In cold weather, some kind of insulation is a good idea to keep heat inside. Shades or blinds that control the light and temperature in a room with French doors are a good idea.

Choose a Window Treatment

French doors are made of solid wood and sometimes steel. This may make you hesitate to install anything that requires holes to be drilled directly into the doors. If this is the  case, curtains that hang from a rod above the doors will work nicely. The curtains can be open and closed, the doors will function, and the curtains will be out of the way when the doors are open in nice weather. Another option is to tint the windows or replace the glass with stained glass.

If you are brave, you can install curtains or blinds on the door panels. This takes some careful work to make sure that the window treatment looks good and doesn't interfere with the function of the doors.

Choose the Type of Window Treatment

Wood and metal blinds are available, and also shades that can be pulled up and let down. Choose one that you feel will help control the light and heat and will also fit the look of the room.


Follow the instructions for the blind or curtain that you are using. They will tell you where to measure for each of the pairs of brackets and the rod or mechanism on the top. Each piece should be level with its counterpart on the other side of the door. The top piece should not cause any problems with opening the doors. The window treatment should not interfere with door handles.


The installation procedure will differ with different window treatments. It may have "hold-down" brackets at the bottom to keep the lower part of the treatment in place. You don't want the lower part of the blinds to flop around when the doors open and close. Install these and any other brackets level and in a way that allows the blinds or curtains to function properly.

If you choose your window treatment carefully, then you can enjoy your bifold French doors but also control sight, light, and temperature issues that arise with such large glass paned doors. The doors can be open and let in air when it is nice out, closed and secure when it is colder and when you are away. You will be able to see the garden or backyard when you want or be cozy and hidden at other times.

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