5 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

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By installing the right bathroom tile design, you not only can enhance the current elements of the room, but you can also create a style that illustrates your lifestyle. Before embarking on a decorative project, you should look at a few design ideas.

Full Tile Coverage

The nicest bathrooms are fully covered with ceramic tiles; however, it is quite expensive. You can find high quality ceramic tiles at a reasonable price. If you fear that covering your walls completely will only bring monotony to your bathroom, here are a few tips to enliven the design


The latest fashion in bathroom tile designs is contrasting elements. Contrast different tile sizes to enhance the various areas in the room. For example, use small and narrow tiles on the sink wall, then contrast them with larger square tiles around the mirror. This approach is the latest minimalist trend, with few decorative elements.


The color of your tiles is very important because it sets the tone for your room. Start with a neutral or light shade, such as beige, then add touches of color with accent tiles. This method adds various focal points to the room. Create visual contrasts by using cold color tones for your floor and warmer tones on the walls. Such a design will make the room seem larger.

Small Glass Tiles

It has become fashionable to employ small glass tiles in a mosaic pattern. This style is very handy when you are trying to accentuate edges or borders; however, if you want to accentuate your shower, you can choose 3 or 4 colors of glass tile.

Glass tiles can be employed on large scale projects, not just borders. You can mix and match a combination of ceramic and glass tiles in your bathroom. Don't be afraid to combine elements; these combinations will give your bathroom an edgy look.

Simple Picture Layout

If your bathroom is small, don't add too many elements. Just install a few picture tiles to add features and focal points. You can buy commercial picture tiles, or you can have someone do a custom piece for you.

These are just a few ideas for bathroom tile designs. Your imagination is only the limit. Take inspiration from such tips and create your ideal combination of designs.