Five Benefits of Having Dwarf Apple Trees Five Benefits of Having Dwarf Apple Trees

Dwarf apple trees have several advantages when compared to full-sized apple trees.

1. Harvesting

One of the main advantages is the fact that when you have to harvest a dwarf apple tree, it is undoubtedly much easier for the simple reason that it is shorter in height, and hence, you do not need to use a ladder. They are relatively fast-producing types of trees and allow the possibility to use up the land available more effectively and to plant different types from time to time.

2. Space

Apple trees have the advantage of providing better space conservation, and consequently, they can be planted even in a relatively small area. Some dwarf apple trees even have the benefit of growing upwards rather than spreading sideways. Being of a smaller size, dwarf apple tress allow the best use of land, as they can be planted more closely to each other. At the end of the day, you can manage to achieve a greater output of apples by planting several dwarf apple trees next to each other than a smaller number of the full-sized apple trees.

3. Care and Maintenance

It is much easier to care for dwarf apple trees than the larger types of apple trees. Due to their relatively small size, they can be pruned and watered more easily. Furthermore, they can also be sprayed and fertilized more straightforwardly.

4. Produce

Large apple trees have the advantage of being likely to produce several apples. Sometimes, they tend to produce a surplus amount, which tends to fall to the ground and be wasted nonetheless. It basically ends up creating a mess on the ground which has to be cleaned up regularly. Hence, it is better to have a dwarf apple tree, which apart from taking up less space, can produce a substantial, yet controlled amount of apples. The smaller size enables you to care for it and harvest it more easily and on a more regular basis. There will be less wastage. Furthermore, due to their thinner shape, dwarf apple trees help to expose their leaves and branches more effectively to the sun, and this will not only help to grow a substantial amount of apples, but also enable the harvester to actually see the apples and harvest them more effectively and easily.

5. Savings

When you plant and grow a substantial amount of apple trees which are intended for commercial purposes, it is suggested that dwarf apple trees are selected. First of all, they help to provide a good output while enhancing savings in several aspects of production. Labor costs are reduced since pruning and general caring requirements are easier to handle, since the trees are much more reachable due to their smaller size. Less fertilizer and pest protection are required since the smaller size of the trees makes them more manageable. Irrigation is also more straightforward, leading to savings in the use of water as well.

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