Five Brick BBQ Designs

There are a lot of brick bbq designs available, even on the Internet, but the best thing about a brick barbecue is that you can design it yourself, and you don’t need any vast experience to build it. Brick barbecues are that little extra to add to your garden so that you can enhance the surroundings. As mentioned earlier, brick barbecues are quite easy to build and in return offer a long lasting bundle of use for you to enjoy.

1. Simple Design

The simplest of brick barbecues is made up of two small parts. The first part is the cooking area, that is, the barbecue grill, and the other is a stone table on which to put your things. A simple design is normally one and a half meters long which has two opposite brick walls and a back brick wall to support everything. As you can see this requires a small amount of bricks and a limited amount of brick laying experience.

2. A Complex Design

The most complex design is a brick barbecue with a smoker. This type of barbecue isn’t very popular because it needs a bit of experience to build it, so many people opt for a simpler design. But if you have experience in this sort of thing or you can get help from an experienced person then this is the job for you. A brick barbecue and a smoker occupy more space, hence make sure that you have enough space to build this type of design so that it will compliment the surroundings rather than occupying the whole area.

3. A Brick Gas barbecue

Nowadays gas brick barbecues are becoming very popular because you can eliminate using regular charcoal but instead make use of special charcoal (made from lava), which lasts longer than normal disposable charcoal. A gas brick barbecue doesn’t occupy a lot of space and the gas cylinder can be placed discreetly in the barbecue unit itself, that is, by building an adjacent brick compartment and putting it there. All that is needed is to attach a plastic (a special type of plastic pipes used for transfer of gas) to the burners and grill.

4. Alternative Designs

Obviously if you are allowed a large budget then you can practically create a design for yourself. You can distance yourself from the usual square or rectangular designs and build a round brick barbecue. There are a lot of different and modern designs available today, and with the help of a professional designer you can have an extremely unique brick barbecue. Remember building a brick barbecue has to be fun and creative so it is a great idea to differ from the normal designs.

5. The Size Of The Barbecue

When it comes to considering the ideal size of your barbecue, this is really up to your needs. There is no limit on the size of a brick barbecue, especially if you have a rather big family.


So as you can see, you can create a brick barbecue design from scratch or choose a more simplistic design. Either way this summer you can rest assured that you will have some barbecue fun.