Five Differences between Types of Apple Trees

For most of us there are two types of apples, the red sweet ones and the green ones which are a little more acidic in taste. When you take a closer look though, you will notice a variety of apples are actually available on the market, all of different taste, color and size. Even if the type of soil affects the type of apple, genetic engineering has made it possible now to emphasis the qualities of each type of apple thus making it easier for everyone to distinguish between the different species available. While the list of available apple trees is long, the five most common are discussed.

1. Fuji Apple

The Fuji apple was originally introduced in Japan and has been commonly available on the market worldwide since 1962. The Fuji apple has a typical yellow green skin and red streaks down the side. When cut open, you will notice this apple is white, firm, crunchy, strong tasting flavors and sweet. If you want to grow this tree yourself, you must know that the apple is ripe in mid-September but will reach its best if left until October November. This tree is widely available and easy to grow thanks to its versatility of conditions it can be present in. Even if very good soil will give an amazing Fuji apple, this tree can grow in wet, dry or poor soil. These apples don’t stay fresh very long and is best to be consumed shortly after being picked but are very good for cooking.

2. Gala Apple

From Japan down to New Zealand the Gala apples are similar to Fuji apples when it comes to quality and ease of cultivation. The external appearance of this wonderfully tasting apple is yellow with a hint of red and is of medium size. The inside is mostly yellow as well, very juicy, firm, crisp and smell excellent. If they are fresh, they can be the best tasting apples, even better than Fuji apples. Another advantage of this tree is that it grows relatively easily and quickly and the tree normally bears heavily and ripe in July. Just like Fuji, this tree can grow in dry, wet and poor soil but is not generally used for cooking.

3. Brae Burn Apple

Another apple that originates from New Zealand is the Brae Burn which can vary from gold with red streaks to almost completely red in appearance. This apple started becoming popular during the late 1940s, was introduced in the United States only in the 1980s and is now the best selling apple in Germany and the most popular apple world wide. When cut open, the inside is white, crisp, aromatic, firm, juicy and sweet and slightly acidic. The size of this apple can vary from medium to large and normally doesn’t become brown quickly after cutting which makes it perfect for exportation.

4. Red Delicious Apple

As the name implies, this apple is red, very tall and large in appearance. The inside is yellow, crisp, sweet, juicy and delicious. Thanks to their sweet taste, these apples are popular in salads and desserts and are usually easily recognized thanks to their distinct heart shape. This apple usually is ripe in mid-September and just like the Fuji apple, it is best eaten fresh off the tree.

5. Golden Delicious Apple

This apple has a very particular, juicy, strong flavor. The inside is firm, white, crisp and sweet and is excellent for cooking since even after cooking they keep their shape and taste. Just like the Red Delicious apples, these apples are commonly used for salads and vary from medium to large in size while also share the same shape. Unlike the Red Delicious apple though, this species of apple lasts longer if it’s handled carefully.