Five Flooring Nailer Safety Tips to Consider

You must always be very careful and follow all the necessary precautions when you are using a flooring nailer, whether it is manual or pneumatic. If you use a pneumatic nailer, you must keep in mind that it is a bit more dangerous than a manual nailer. This is because a pneumatic nailer can shoot nails at long distances, and the force is so strong that you can easily hit someone unintentionally, and the nail can penetrate deeply into the skin.

1 – Wearing Protective Eyewear

Whenever you are doing a flooring job and you need a nailer or nail gun, make sure that you are wearing the necessary protective eyewear. A nailer can sometimes shoot nails off-course, and a pneumatic nailer can blow off some dust or splinters from the surface of the flooring. This is the reason why you should wear protective eyewear at all times while working. It will prevent any dust or splinters from getting into your eyes. On the other hand, if you are using a nailer which may be larger than usual, you are recommended to wear hearing protectors as well.

2 – Inspecting the Nailer Before Loading

Always check if the nailer is working properly before you load it. If you are using a pneumatic nailer, you must check it even before you attach it to the air pressure equipment. You also need to press the plunger onto the safety tip to confirm that the nailer is working properly. If you want, you can also apply a few drops of tool oil to your nailer before using.

3 – Loading the Nailer

Clear the nailer from any dust and then start loading it. Make sure that you only put in nails that are of appropriate size and compatible to your nailer before you start the flooring job. If you are using a pneumatic nailer, you can simply use an air nozzle to blow away the dust. When loading the nails, always place the nailer in a forward position. In the case of a high-pressure hose explosion when using a pneumatic nailer, it may not be lethal but it will definitely be painful.

4 – Using the Nailer

Now you can start using the gun to do your flooring job. However, you must follow important safety tips even while working. You must never aim the nailer at yourself or at someone else. Apart from that, it is advisable to remove your finger from the trigger area when you are taking a short break from nailing the floor. Also, always make sure you have a clear vision of the target where you want the nail to land before considering firing it, and never leave your other hand too close to the target so as not to accidentally hurt yourself.

5 – Reloading or Clearing the Nailer

In the case of a pneumatic nailer, always remember to remove the high-pressure hose before you clean the nailer or reload it with more nails. Inspect the nailer and confirm that everything is in order before you attach the hose again.