Five Ideas for Using Embossed Molding Five Ideas for Using Embossed Molding

Using embossed molding is limited only to your imagination and skill level when it comes to hammering, sawing and designing. Embossed molding comes in many widths and designs and in both wood and man made materials. The embossing is pressed into the wood molding using heat and moisture. You can find embossed moldings to go with any decor.

One: Picture Frames

Embossed molding is a natural to make a picture frame and in the process you will save a lot of money over buying a ready made frame of the same quality and design. You can use more than one molding if you desire a more built up look to your frame or if you wish to add a plain border to an ornate frame. You can leave the frame natural, paint or stain it to match your decor. You can also highlight areas of the embossing by gently rubbing on relief wax that is available in different colors including metalics, at your local craft store.

Two: Chair Rail

Embossed molding makes the perfect chair rail to go around the center of your room, especially in a dining room. Traditionally this rail was used to keep the chairs from bumping into expensive wallpapers or wall treatments such as decorative plasters. Again, you can use a very wide piece of molding with a lot of intricate looking work, or a very plain molding. Traditionally chair rail is placed 30 inches from the floor however in modern times it can be at any height to suit the homeowners taste. It can also be stained or painted to match or co ordinate with your decor.

Three: Plate Rail

A plate rail is used in a dining room, usually 60 inches or higher above the floor, to display collector plates, serving platters and ornate plates for decor purposes. A wider piece of molding will be needed for this project with a groove cut into it to anchor the plates. You can achieve this also by using two pieces of different molding, one on top of the other, to create a channel for the plates to sit in.

Four: Add to Shelves

If you have a plain shelf or bookcase that needs a bit of help to make it stand out, decorative molding is your answer. Applying it to the edge of your shelves, down the sides or just behind the top shelf to give a header look will make a plain book case turn into a very nice piece of furniture. This molding can be applied with very small finishing nails or brads. It can also be glued on using carpenters cement or a good epoxy.

Five: Highlight Decorative Features

If you have decorative features in your home such as electric wall sconces, mirrors or alcoves decorative molding would be the perfect thing to use to make them stand out more. A frame built around an electric wall sconce and painted a contrasting color or stained with a wood stain will make the sconce pop. If your woodwork is very plain, consider adding decorative molding to it to bring it from blah to beautiful.

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