Five Kitchen Island Light Fixture Ideas Five Kitchen Island Light Fixture Ideas

Installing an island light fixture is necessary to ensure that your kitchen receives adequate light even in the center of the room. There are many lighting options available which can be used as a kitchen islands. Each option has pros and cons.

Recessed Can Lighting

Recessed can lighting is installed directly into the ceiling. Because the fixtures are all but invisible, they can be used in virtually any room. Recessed lighting cans are relatively inexpensive and they provide an adequate low level of illumination. In the kitchen, however you may wish for brighter or more direct lighting.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is installed on the ceiling and provides a great deal of illumination. It can be positioned to focus on a specific area like a spotlight. Lights can be adjusted at any time, but keep in mind that in many kitchens, a person would need a ladder to reach them.

Fluorescent Lighting

Newer fluorescent style lights simulate sun light fairly effectively and provide great illumination. They also put out UV light which further simulates natural sunlight. This makes them one of the most effective light producing options available. The main disadvantage to fluorescent lighting is that its design does not blend well with most décor. Some options are available to help improve the appearance of the lighting cabinet, but fluorescent lights still tend to stand out.

Hanging Ceiling Lamps

Hanging ceiling lamps are attached to a cord or bar and provide a medium level of light. Available in retro, conservative and modern styles, they can fit in nearly any kitchen. The main disadvantage with hanging lights is that they require a higher ceiling, so they may not function well over a kitchen island.

When picking the right island light fixture for your home consider how much illumination you feel you will need and how you want the design to flow. For a wide open kitchen in a well lit room it may not be necessary to have a great deal of illumination over the island. In this type of situation a recessed light may work extremely well. For other situations you may need to consider brighter options.

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