Five Mosaic Tile Design Ideas

Mosaic tile is a type of tile which can be used in various projects and in several settings. There are numerous types of mosaic tile designs to choose from, and plenty of applications to use them for ranging from architectural projects to kids’ crafts.

1. In Bathrooms and Showers

Mosaic tiles are very much in appeal in bathrooms and showers. These types of tiles are often used to create beautiful scenes featuring fish, stars and bubbles. To retain the watery theme of a bathroom or shower the tiles commonly feature blue and turquoise hues. Some tiles are usually supplied in such a way so as to enable one to create a scene.

2. For Kitchens

Mosaic tiles are also mostly used in kitchens so as to decorate the walls in between the kitchen cupboards. Rather than installing normal tiles, mosaic tiles can provide a much nicer effect. A picturesque look can be created, in such a case usually featuring kitchen-related items such as food, vegetables and fruits. These can make the kitchen look rather showy and more ornamental since these tiles provide a rich look. 

3. Interior and Exterior Walls

Mosaic tiles are used in various wall decorations. Walls tend to look much nicer with mosaic tiles because of their intricate designs and bright color combinations. Mosaic tiles are used both for interior and exterior walls, and they can be installed in practically any room since they can match practically any color scheme, décor and style. Hence mosaic tiles are used as noted above in bathroom walls, kitchen walls, bedrooms and living rooms. Mosaic tiles are also often used at regular intervals to decorate the walls of a rather long corridor, or in the center part of a wall in a lounge or hall. When it comes to exterior walls mosaic tiles are very popular in backyards, courtyards and patios. Usually a scene is created in the middle area of one or more of the walls and the effect created is very pleasant and appealing. 

4. Floors

Mosaic tiles are also used in floors. There are various designs that are used when it comes to floors. One may either choose to install mosaic tiles all over the floor area, or else just at the borders of the area, or else as a center point ornamentation. Regardless of the design chosen, it is important to choose a color which brings out the beauty of the mosaic and which best matches other aspects of the particular room, such as the style, furniture and soft furnishings. Some of the most popular designs include the circular, squarish, fish scale, hexagonal and octagonal patterns. Usually, they are made in such a way to look rather squinted so as to bring out the mosaic colorful effect even more effectively.

5. Scenic Designs

Scenic designs are a very common design application for mosaic tiles. Scenic designs are used both in indoor and outdoor settings. Various scenes can be created including landscapes, natural panoramas and sea views as well as other more abstract designs for modern styles.