Five Options for Custom Cabinet Doors Five Options for Custom Cabinet Doors

Choosing custom cabinet doors involves choosing between a range of materials, styles and colors.

1. Choosing the Material

The primary decision you'll have to make is the material your cabinet doors will be made of. And considering the choices available, this is no simple task. Even if you were to base the selection on wood only, you'll have to decide between solid wood, maple, oak, pine, cherry, alder and hickory amongst others. One should choose the color and style which best meets his preferences, while also considering the costs involved since some types of wood are more expensive than others. If you like the particular pattern and grain of a type of wood, you can also opt to stain the doors with a color so as to personalize them further.

Apart from wood there are also a number of other materials to choose from for making cabinet doors. Some may opt for metal or even glass. These will obviously require more care to maintain, but they can provide very personalized cabinet doors.

2. Establishing Dimensions

Afterwards you must give some thought as to the dimensions to use for the doors. Some may prefer to have two large doors for instance, whereas others may prefer to have four smaller doors in the same given area. 

3. Setting the Style

Once the material to be used is chosen you must then make another fundamental decision pertaining to the style of the doors. If you choose any type of wood, you must then decide whether you prefer a rustic, vintage or classic style, which often features intricate designs, patterned edges and engravings, or else more contemporary or modern styles. The latter will be less elegant and usually include little patterns, since sleeker and plainer doors are created in such a case. Borders, knobs and thicknesses are also affected by the design or style chosen. The patterns you can choose vary, including beaded, raised or recessed panels. Arched centers and appliqués are also popular.  

If the doors are made from other materials other than wood, the style will automatically be quite modern or contemporary. This will apply in case of metal, aluminum and glass. If, however, stained glass is used to decorate part of the doors, the style will be more elegant.

4. Designing Color and Finishes

The color can be changed by means of staining or spraying, or else by adding some extra touches, such as fixing glass inserts onto wooden doors. The finishing of the doors is very important since it plays a key part in the final look. Some may prefer gloss whereas others may opt for a more obscure finish.

5. Adding Hardware and Accessories

The accessories and hardware used to fix the doors will also play a key role. You may decide to have sliding doors rather than knobs. On the other hand if knobs are used there are several types to choose from, which have to complement the style of the door. Knobs come in a variety of patterns, sizes, colors and materials. It is important to keep in mind that apart from being decorative the knobs will be used regularly so they need to be quite hard-wearing too so as to avoid having to replace them after a relatively short period of time and possible damaging the doors. You must also use good quality hinges.

Each option has its respective advantages and disadvantages and you must consider these carefully prior to choosing. The aspect of matching with other elements in the room also plays a role.

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