Five Safety Tips for Working with Liquid Sandpaper

Liquid sandpaper is an alternative solution to traditional sandpaper. It is a chemical composite that help the removing of surface paint and leaves a sandpaper finish result. It is commonly used when you have to remove glossy paint from surfaces that are going to be repainted. Obviously liquid sandpaper is easier to use and there isn’t the tiring process of sandpapering with your hand. The procedure is simple, just add the liquid sandpaper on the surface and then scrub it off at a later time and voila'. the surface is ready to be repainted. The latter are all nice advantages but in reality, liquid sandpaper is toxic thus you need to be careful when using it.

Well Ventilated Area

As mentioned before liquid sandpaper contains toxic fumes that are very harmful to the human respiratory system hence make sure that when applying liquid sandpaper, the room is well ventilated. Try to avoid as much as possible the use of liquid sandpaper in presence of children, pregnant woman and especially people suffering from asthma. When using liquid sandpaper try to limit the spreading of toxic fumes by closing all doors of the house and opening all the windows in the room you are working in so that at the same time you will have a well ventilated room without spreading the fumes all over the house.    

    Keep the Liquid Sandpaper Container Away From Naked Flames

    Because of its toxic consistence, liquid sandpaper is highly flammable. Don’t use liquid sandpaper near naked flames or even electrical appliances and equipment. Remember to store it in a cool place and at a distance from possible naked flame encounters to ensure the highest amount of safety.

    Safety Clothes and Protection

    When using liquid sandpaper always wear protective clothing to avoid contact with your skin. It is highly advisable to wear safety goggles and face mask. Remember this is a toxic chemical so stay alert when using it. If the liquid sandpaper comes into contact with your skin, wash it immediately with water and seek medical attention. If it comes into contact with your eyes wash thoroughly with water and seek medical attention immediately. Remember your eyes are very delicate and contact with liquid sandpaper can cause blindness. When applying liquid sandpaper, firstly pour it on a cloth and then apply it on the wall, so that you will leave a certain safety distance between yourself and the liquid sandpaper.

    Keep Away From Children

    I think this is an obvious precaution, but remember that liquid sandpaper is highly toxic with which death can ensue so store you container in a protected place away from the reach of children and pets. Make sure that the liquid sandpaper container is securely closed to avoid accidental leaks.


    Never pour down liquid sandpaper into the drain because it will certainly cause damage to the piping and it will harm the environment. When disposing of the container follow the obligations and rules applicable to your area.  

    As you have seen although liquid sandpaper is an important chemical in house work, if not used properly, it can lead to serious accidents, so remember to follow all of the safety precautions.