Five Things to Know Before Shopping for a New Water Well Pump

When buying a water well pump you'll want to consider a number of factors to make the best choice. These five pointers will get you started on the right foot.

1—Brand, Quality and Reputation

As with any other product it is best to try to look for past customers' feedback and comments. These can easily be found on the Internet. There are various types and brands to choose from. Try to shop around, and check their respective prices. However, bear in mind that it is best to strike a balance between price and quality. A water well pump will need to be installed, and so it is best to choose a good quality one rather than having to dismantle and reinstall a new one within a short period of time. Furthermore, if you are going to use the well water for drinking purposes, it is crucial that an accompanying filter is in place, which can be well supported by the pump. In such a case it is best to opt for the same brand.


The depth of the well will effect the type of pump. So, make sure to check how deep the well is. The deeper it is, the stronger the pump will have to be.


Apart from the well's depth, there are other important considerations which affect the strength of the pump. Check the length of the water line that is between the well and the house. Also, if the water will have to flow uphill, the pump will need to be stronger.


It is best to select a pump which has a pipe that is galvanized, especially if the well is rather deep.

5—Pump Control Box

Buy a pump control box that carries the same rating as the water well pump itself, for best performance.