Five Tips for Cleaning a Slate Floor

A slate floor can create a particular rustic environment to a house interior. However, being a rough floor, it can be a bit difficult to clean since it is not smooth as other floors such as ceramic. Here are some basic tips which might help you clean your slate floor properly which only require some common household cleaning tools.

1. Begin With a Broom

First begin by using a broom to sweep the floor completely to remove all the loose debris that accumulates on the floor. If necessary, sweep the floor more than once in order to clean it thoroughly. In addition, it is recommended to use a soft-bristle broom for more effectiveness.

2. Use a Good Mop

Once ready, use a dust mop to collect all the fine debris that is left after sweeping. Move the mop from side to side and try to avoid moving the mop back and forth. It is very important to use a good quality dust mop rather than a cheap one or an oil-based mop. This will assure that all the top debris will be removed from the floor.

3. Use Warm Water

Now that there is no debris left, it's time to use some water. However, for a much better result you should use warm water. The warm water will dissolve all the stains and spills on the floor making it easier to remove them. Add also some detergent with the water to act as polish and will make the floor looks shiny. Rinse the mop often to remove the dirty water from it and if necessary, after some time, change also the water in the bucket if it gets too dirty.

4. Leave the Floor to Dry

Slate floor should always be left to air-dry and not dried using an electrical floor cleaner. In addition, try to keep people away and refrain from stepping on the floor until it dries completely. If you plan to clean your floor on a bright, windy day you will realize that it will dry quicker. Otherwise, if you clean your floor on a hot, sticky day, the floor will take much longer to dry and the result will not be so good.

5. Apply Sealant

The best way to keep your slate floor clean and shiny is to apply sealant on it. The protective coating will cover the floor surface and thus, it will make the slate floor much smoother. Hence, the floor will be much easier to clean and it will get less dirty. You can buy the sealant from any tile manufacture and apply it yourself. Give about three separate coatings to the flooring in order to obtain a perfect result.

In this way, your slate floor will always remain clean and tidy and remember that the best way to clean any kind of floor, is to use the proper tools and products that are specifically for that type of floor.