Five Tips for Decorating Your Garden Gazebo

It is a good idea to have a garden gazebo provided that you have enough space for it. It is a practical and decorative addition to your garden, and it can be bought readily made or else you can build it yourself relatively easily, especially if you have a knack at woodworking. Once you have acquired or built your gazebo there are several ways to make it look even more pleasant by decorating it. Here we shall discuss some tips to decorate your garden gazebo quite simply and affordably.

1. Add Curtains

If you would like to add a touch of elegance to your garden gazebo you can simply add some curtains around its apertures. You can choose a color which matches the majority of the colors of the flowers in your garden. It is best to use a soft fabric as it can bring out a nicer effect. Try to select a fabric that can be washed easily and if possible a type which does not require ironing. This is especially important if the gazebo is rather large since you will have quite a lengthy amount of fabric. Curtains are not only a nice way to decorate your gazebo, but they are ideal to increase privacy and protect the people sitting in the gazebo from direct sun rays.

2. Cascading Fabric

A very romantic and sweet decoration you can apply to your gazebo is by using a cascading fabric at the top part, flowing towards the middle area. All you need to do is to attach the fabric at each top corner of the gazebo, and then simply fasten it along the sides so as to create a cascading effect flowing up towards the middle point. Usually tulle, silk or organzas are ideal for this type of decoration.

3. Ribbons

Ribbons are a simple yet cute way of decorating a gazebo. It is probably the cheapest decoration one can apply. Ribbons can be made in a number of designs, by using more than one strip of fabric. You can intertwine them in order to make them more appealing. They can be attached at regular intervals around the circumference of the gazebo and to the pillars.

4. Flowers

Adding flowers around the gazebo is a simple method which can add a pleasant effect to the gazebo. You can use any type of flower, be it fresh or artificial. Flowers can be placed in flowerpots or made in a garland to attach around the gazebo. It is best to coordinate their colors and if you used other decorations such as curtains or ribbons, try to match them as best as you can.

5. Lights

You will need to use lights in your gazebo for practical reasons. However do not just restrict yourself to simple lights. There are various lighting alternatives which besides supplying light can also be highly decorative. You can use strings of lights, lanterns and battery-operated candles amongst others. It is usually best to have a dim rather than a bright light as a nicer effect is created.


By applying any one or more of these tips you can transform your gazebo from a basic, normal one to being much more elegant and interesting. Make sure to use your creativity all the way through.