Five Tips for Protecting Your Wood Shed from Pests

A wood shed in a garden can provide great storage space for storing wood and other materials. Hence, wood is the most preferred material for building sheds since it enhances the garden environment. However, a wooden shed  can become home to a lot of pests and termites which feed themselves from the wood inside the shed ending up damaging the wood. Thus, here are some tips to help you protect your wood shed  from pests and other unwanted guests.

1. Use Insecticides

The most basic way to protect your wood shed from pests is using insecticides. By spraying the insecticide on your wood shed you will kill a lot of pests such as carpenter ants and carpenter bees and you will also prevent any fungus or wood rot to develop on the wood. Moreover, the insecticide will keep away any termites or other pests keeping the wood in good condition.

2. Paint the Wood Shed

Another way to keep pests away from your wood shed is by coating it with some paint. This will prevent any insects from trying to get inside the wood to feed themselves and therefore, the paint will act as a cover for the wood shed. In addition, you can use a water sealant to seal the wood shed and to protect it from water penetration inside the wood shed. Hence, this will help you to avoid a lot of moisture problems which are a prime cause for termites to get inside the wood.

3, Cover the Wood

Apart from the wood shed you should also protect the wood that is inside from getting wet and therefore, becoming exposed to pests. You can do so by covering the wood using plastic sheets which will secure the wood from any water penetration. Remember to apply also plastic sheets underneath the wood logs to prevent contact with soil and to keep away any fungus growth.

4, Ventilation

A wood shed should also be well-ventilated in order to let the right amount of air to get inside which will eventually help the wood to remain in good condition. Furthermore, good ventilation will prevent the wood from getting wet and hence it will remain dry.

5. Remove Rotten Wood

Every now and then you should check your wood shed and look for any wood rot developing inside. Hence, if you find some rotten wood, you have to remove it to prevent any further development. Then try to figure out what was the cause of the wood rot and once you find the problem, try to solve it by using one of the tips mentioned above.

So these are some basic tips which you can easily make use of to protect your wood shed from pests. However, remember that wood is a natural material and therefore it needs the right elements to remain in good condition and to keep away any pests or other insects from trying to get inside it.