Five Tips on Making Custom Shelves Five Tips on Making Custom Shelves

You may want to make custom shelves to add storage space in a workshop or garage. You may also wish to make the shelves to display some things on them. There are many ways how you can make custom shelves, but the simplest way of them all is by purchasing a kit from a store. On the other hand, you can purchase the parts, metal strips and wood separately.

1 – Fixing The Metal Strips

First of all, you need to purchase some metal strips. They are intended to hold the brackets under the shelves. They are available in pre-cut strips but if you see that they are too long, you can cut them yourself with a hacksaw.

Fix the strips against the wall in a vertical manner. As you fix the metal strips, you must also decide how long your shelves are going to be. You are recommended to leave a space of about 16 inches or less between every strip. This is done so that the distance between the metal strips corresponds the distance between the studs of the wall. Make sure that the strips are fixed firmly with screws against the wall. Remember also that if you make the strips close enough, the shelf will be stronger.

2 – Fixing the Brackets

After you attach the metal strips, you need to buy the brackets, which are also made out of metal. You might have already noticed that the strips have slots in them. These slots are intended for the brackets. You must purchase one bracket for every metal strip that you have.

3 – Fitting The Shelves

Shelves are also available in pre-cut pieces of wood at hardware stores. Measure the brackets first and make sure that the width of the shelves you are going to buy matches the width of the metal brackets.

4 – Preventing The Shelves From Falling

In order to prevent a shelf from collapsing, you must fix it properly and securely against the wall in the first place. Check that the brackets are straight before you fit the shelves on them. In case you are not able to fix the metal strips to the wall stud, you require some butterfly screws instead.

Use a drill to make a hole in the wall depending on how big the screw is. Put the butterfly screw into the hole and once inserted behind the wall, the wings of the butterfly screw will open and you must fasten the screw tightly so that it will hold the metal strip firmly. Keep in mind that the wall studs are always the best support your shelves can ever have.

5 – Fixing Horizontal Metal Strips

If you want to make your custom shelves in another way, you can choose to buy horizontal metal strips as well. Calculate how high you want your shelves to be and mark a straight line on the wall with a pencil. Remember that the horizontal strips have a notch and when you attach them to the wall, make sure that the notch is down at the bottom, not at the top.

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