Five Woodturning Projects for Beginners

What You'll Need
Spindle turning tools
Wood stain
Safety glasses
Wood lathe machine

There is a wide variety of woodturning projects for those beginners who are just starting to work on a wood lathe. Woodturning in fact, consists of creating rounded objects from a piece of wood by using a lathe and so, this job requires both skill and imagination. Here some simple projects on which one can start working to get some confidence and experience.

Project 1 - Tealight Candles

The great thing about this project is that you can make use of the small and old wood leftovers to create wooden tealights. Use a suitably sized block of wood and place it on the lathe and switch it on. While turning use the turning tools to start forming the wooden block into a cylindrical candle holder. Then sketch a mortise on one side of the tealight in which you are going to insert the candle. Cut it and finish the tealights with some wood stain of your choice.

Project 2 – Tablespoons

To create a tablespoon start by finding a piece of wood which is about an inch longer than the required height. Attach the wood on the lathe and mark the center with a pencil. Switch on the lathe and use the turning tools to create the wooden spoon. Once you finish the handle use a burr from your turning tools to form the spoon bowl. Sand the spoon with a piece of sandpaper and the job is done.

Project 3 – Tool Handles

With some woodturning practice you can even start creating your own turning tools to work with. Use a small piece of wood to create a handle and place it on the lathe. Start shaping the handle until it provides a good grip and make a hole on the smallest side of the handle. Then insert the metal piece of the tool (which you can buy from a tool shop) in the hole and fasten it with a brass fairing nut. Try to use the same handle design to create other tools so that they will all match.

Project 4 – Eccentric Christmas Tree

An eccentric Christmas tree would be a great gift for Christmas. Thus, to create one use a long piece of wood and by using your turning tools form a cone shape through the whole wooden block. Next cut a tenon about an inch from the bottom of the tree which will be the base. Use a skew to make V-cuts on the cone which will then end up looking like tinsels. Sand the tree and use some lacquer to paint and decorate your tree.

Project 5 – Simple Tops

While being a great gift to a small child, a top is quite an easy thing to create on a lathe. Once again position a small piece of wood on the lathe and try to form a spinning shape which will keep spinning for a long time. Generally, a top must be wide from the center and a surface as small as possible in order to balance correctly while spinning. Then sand it and use some colors to decorate.

These are some common projects for beginners on which you can start practicing. Always remember to use a pair of safety glasses while the lathe is switched on. Moreover, use your imagination to create unique and wonderful creations.