Fix a Broken Storm Door Window in 5 Steps

Lead Image for Fix a Broken Storm Door Window in 5 Steps

The storm door window is an essential part of the door not only because protects your home from the elements, but also because it helps to insulate and retain the heat within your home. Replacing the window as soon as you can is imperative and is relatively easy. Follow the steps below to get started in replacing your storm door's window.

Step 1- Remove the Screen

To take out the broken window, you will first need to safely remove the screen sash first. Use gloves and carefully work around the broken window until the screen sash comes out.

Step 2- Remove Screws for Window Frame

In the case of aluminum and other metal storm doors, there are small screws located in each of the corners of the window frame. Remove these screws in order to get at the window frame. Some doors will also have some crimped metal on the corners of the frame to keep the window sash from moving. You can use a small chisel or awl to loosen the crimped metal.

Step 3- Replace Window

Take the broken window out of the window frame and replace it with the new one. Be careful when removing the broken piece as you could injure yourself not properly handled.

Step 4- Place Screws Back in Window Frame

Take the screws that you had removed in Step 2 and place them back in the window frame. Also, tighten the crimped metal pieces against the corners of the frame after the screws are secure.

Step 5- Place the Screen Back on the Door

Place the screen sash that you removed in Step 1 back on the door. Ensure that the screen sash is properly in place and secure.