Fix a Clog: Check Your Drain Sink Trap

What You'll Need
Pipe Wrench

Having the sink drain trap clog is a common phenomena. However, this problem can be easily tackled by any individual with a few simple understandings. Clogs develop as hair, dust and other particles gather in the drain pipe over time. Remove the clog and water the will flow.

Step 1: Collecting Water

Place a container below the sink under the located drain trap to collect water. Then, if available, remove the clean out plug and drain the water. Otherwise, when the drain trap is removed the trapped water will drain out. Just be ready when that step is reached.


Step 2: Remove Metal Locking Collars

Loosen the locking collar by twisting its fitting at the top of the drain trap using the pipe wrench. After detaching, slide the locking collar and compression ring in the upward direction along the pipe’s tail piece within the sink.

Step 3: Remove the Trap

Loosen the fitting at bottom of the trap. The trapped water will drain to the container. Now slide the locking collar and compression ring up the pipe which protrudes from the wall.

Finally, the trap is freed by pulling the pipe out in the downward direction. Now the trap should be cleaned using a brush and then replace.