Fix An Electric Chain Saw In 7 Steps

What You'll Need
Blanket or large soft cloth
Chainsaw tightening tool
Files for sharpening
Necessary replacement parts

When your electric chain saw goes out you can save a great deal of money by repairing it yourself. You will also save the time it takes to send it off to be professionally repaired. To determine the problem, you can look for certain “symptoms” that will tell you what needs to be fixed. Here are a few things to try when your electric chainsaw does not work properly.

Step 1 – Engine Does Not Start

If the engine does not start at all, you might have a bad starter switch. Make sure you check to see that all connections to the switch are secure. Check to see that the power cord is not cut or broken in any spot and that you have a proper power source plugged into your saw. If all checks out except for the switch, go ahead and replace it.

Step 2: Chain Saw Smokes

Smoke coming from the chain indicate that there is not enough lubrication. Without the proper lubrication, the chain and chain bar can become seriously damaged. Make sure there is oil in the reservoir. When the saw has started, the automatic oil pump should lubricate the chain and bar. Hold the saw tip over a light-colored area and hit the throttle to see if oil spatters across the chain bar’ If it does not, turn the saw off. Remove the chain guide bar and check to see if the oil discharge slots are clogged with sawdust. Clean out the clogged sawdust and restart the saw to check for chain bar lubrication again.

Step 3: Chain Skips or Jumps

If the chain skips or jumps during operation, check the engine drive sprocket to make sure it is not worn. A worn sprocket will not allow the chain too sit properly. Also, check to make sure the chain tension is set properly. Setting the chain tension is a part of continuous operation. However, a dull or damaged chain may also cause the skipping and jumping.

Step 4: Improper Cuts

If the saw cuts at the wrong angle or shoots out a lot of sawdust, you probably need to sharpen the chain. A dull chain can lead to a very dangerous situation causing a kickback or chain jump that might break the chain releases chain pieces that could cause harm to the operator. If you notice a very shiny chain, you need to examine each cutter for damage. You can sharpen the cutters using an appropriate file.

Step 6: Chain Continues to Move or Stops

If the chain continues to move while the engine idles, check to make sure the idle is not set too high. If it stops while cutting, make sure the brake is not engaged.

Step 7: Loses Power

If the saw loses power while operating, check to make sure all electrical connections are secure. Any break in current may cause the saw to decrease in power, stall or shut down altogether.

If you cannot identify and fix an electric chain saw problem, consult a professional.