How To Fix Your Garage Door

To fix a garage door you do not need to be an expert, though it depends a great deal upon the actual repairs needed. Still, the average do-it-yourself-er can usually fix a garage door pretty easily if they have the proper tools handy to complete the task.

Tools Needed

You will only need a set of basic tools to fix a garage door and, of course, the necessary parts. Generally speaking, basic tools are:

  • Phillips and a regular screwdriver
  • pliers
  • adjustable wrench
  • 'C' Clamp or two (in case of working on the springs)

Most Common Problem

The most common problem you are likely to encounter with your garage door is with the rollers on the track. More often than not there will be a problem with a broken roller and either the shaft will break as is usually the case, or the bearings will wear out. This is a relatively easy fix and can be done quite easily with the garage door raised up.

Other Common Issues

Other issues that may come up on a garage door is lack of lubrication. Sometimes the grease in the track will harden and the lubricating effect is gone. What you will want to do is to clear all of this old grease out of the track and replace it with a new coat. You'll also want to keep the springs oiled so they work properly as well.

Remember Safety First!

Always remember that when you are fixing a garage door to keep safety first in your mind. When replacing rollers make sure the springs are disconnected. Prop the door up so that it doesn't drop while you are working on it. Also, remember that when you are making any type of repairs at all, you want to be sure to disconnect the automatic opener if you have one in place.