Fixing a Broken Windshield Wiper Handle

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Q. I have 1997 Ford Expedition and have problem with the windshield wiper handle; it won't spray out water when I push on the handle. Sometimes you have to turn the wiper on in the back to get water to come out in the front. The wiper handle is also the turn signal arm. I know it is a problem with the actual switch rather than the washer fluid pump, as I have noticed that the glow light on the handle does not come on. How would I fix a short in the turn signal arm if this is the problem?

A. The problem is most likely the multifunction switch. You need to remove the wires from the washer bottle motor and check the voltage while operating the switch. Are you sure, the glow light is not on the drive transition arm, rather than the multifunction switch? This is probably the case. You can't open the multifunction switch and repair it. If it's the light in the trans-shifter handle, then you can buy the light. The top black ring pops off, and the switch and bulb pull straight out. To fix a problem with the multifunction switch, the handle, which controls the wiper, turn signal, headlight dimmer, etc, you would need to replace the multifunction switch itself. Use a Phillips screwdriver and a 20 TORX®. When you have the plastic trim cover off around the steering wheel, check the wires connected to the trans-lever for that light. The wire that shorted out may be the wire that goes into the handle.