Fixing A Clogged Fountain

What You'll Need
New filter
Flexible tubing
Silicone caulking
Clean water

A backyard water fountain can dress up your yard and add a sense of elegance. You may install a fountain in your garden so they can listen to the water as you sit on your back deck, read a book or just stroll through your gardens. However, when a fountain becomes clogged, it isn't as soothing. Even under the best of conditions, debris can clog your fountain. Here is a quick list of ways you can fix your clogged fountain.

Step 1 - Find the Clog

When the water becomes a little dark or spills over the top of the water basin, you will probably find a clog somewhere within the tubing, the pump or the fountain itself. The first step to fixing the clog is to determine where the clog is. Most often, the clog lies in the area where the pump brings in the water to circulate through the hose. Other times, it can be a piece of debris lodged in the water tube.

Step 2 - Unplug Pump and Remove Water

To find the clog, you will need to unplug the pump and remove some of the water. You will not have to remove it all, but it will make working with the clog a little easier. You can drain it with a hose or simply bail the water out with a pail.

Step 3 - Access the Pump Housing

Remove the panel of the pump housing and look for any debris. Leaves, sticks and flower petals can all block the water inlet. Check the filter of the pump also. Replace the filter and clean the water inlet valve.

Step 4 - Remove the Water Tube

Use a screwdriver to remove the clamp that holds the water tube onto the water pump. Check the pump to ensure no sticks or leaves are coming out of the water outlet. Take out the tube from the fountain and check the entire length. If you find something, try to blow it out with an air hose. If it does not budge, then loosen it by tapping with a mallet or banging it against the ground.

Run some water through the tube to flush out debris. Thread the tube back through fountain and replace onto the water pump.

Step 5 - Clean out the Fountain

Clean the entire surface of the bottom basin and any water openings leading to the water pump.

Step 6 - Fill with Clean Water

Replace the pump housing and fill the fountain with clean water. Turn the pump and and see if water is circulating. If you checked the pump, the hose and the fountain itself, you should have water moving now. If not, the pump might be bad, and you will need to replace the part.