Fixing a Corrugated Roof Sheet Fixing a Corrugated Roof Sheet

What You'll Need
Metal cutters
Lacquer thinner
Corrugated metal sheets
Roof cement
Putty knife

Corrugated roof material is made from metal that can withstand exposure to the elements. While a corrugated roof sheet might last longer than other roofing materials, it will still get damaged over time. If cracks or holes form in the roof sheet, follow the simple steps below to fix it.

Step 1 - Inspect the Roof

A hole in your corrugated roof can cause leaks inside your home and damage your electrical wirings. Climb a ladder so you can access the roof and inspect it for damage. Have an assistant on hand to steady the ladder as you climb.

Assess the placement and the severity of any cracks, and mark any areas that need immediate attention. Measure them so you can cut patches that will fit them.

Step 2 – Clean the Damaged Area

Use a clean rag to apply lacquer thinner to the area that needs to be fixed. The thinner will remove any unnecessary dirt, grime and oil so that the repairs will be clean and efficient.

Step 3 – Cut the Corrugated Metal Sheet

Use metal cutters to cut a slightly larger patch from the extra metal sheet. Refer to the measurements you took of the cracks to properly size the patches. Use protective eyewear and gloves when doing this step.

Step 4 – Apply Roofing Cement and Patches on the Cracks

Once the patches are ready, apply several coatings of roof cement directly on the cracks. Make sure that is it thick enough and covers the entire cracked region of the roof. Then position the patch that fits the size of that crack, and push it against the roofing cement. When everything is in place, cover the entire patch with a generous amount of roofing cement.

Step 5 - Test the Crack

Once the roofing cement has dried, test your work by running water on the cracks. Have your assistant check the original site of the leak to determine if water is still passing through. If you do observe leaks, return to the roof to repeat the steps.

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