Fixing a Garage Door Seal

Fixing a garage door seal is a simple process that does not require hiring a professional. As the door and seal are exposed to varying temperature changes, they will expand and contract. This can, overtime, impact how tight the seal is. A damaged or weathered seal will allow hot and cold air to leak in through the gaps, and can impact your heating and cooling expense. If you can see light coming in around the garage door, you should adjust it. It is helpful to have two people for the job. Here are the tools that you will need for the project:

  • Socket set or wrenches
  • New seal for the bottom of the door
  • Hammer
  • Tacks
  • Utility knife or heavy duty scissors

Step 1 - Evaluate the Door

First, turn the lights off when there is strong daylight outside. Examine the door to see if light is coming in on just one or both sides, or at the bottom. If it is both sides, you will need to adjust the seal on both sides of the door. If there is light coming through at the bottom of the door, you will need to replace the seal on the bottom. Also, if there is more light towards the top or bottom of the door at the sides, you will want to note that as an area that may need more of an adjustment.

Step 2 - Locate the Adjustment Brackets

The adjustment brackets are on the outside of the tracks, securing the track to the framing around the door. There may only be one bracket, but frequently there is more than one. Make note of the number of brackets and their location.

Step 3 - Adjust the Brackets

Loosen the nuts on the bolts that attach the adjustment brackets to the garage door track (not those that attach the bracket to the framing of the door). Have your partner push on the door until the gap is closed. It is important to push on the door as closely as possible to the framing to avoid denting the garage door. Quickly tighten the nuts on the bracket. Continue this process along the one side, and repeat on the other if needed.

Step 4 - Replace the Bottom Seal if Needed

There is also a seal along the bottom of the garage door that is usually made of rubber or plastic and subject to weatherization as well. Now is a good time to replace it. Measure the length of the door and cut the seal to the needed length. Attach the seal to the bottom of the door with tacks, starting at one end and working to the other.

Step 5 - Finishing up

After you have adjusted the brackets where needed, turn off the lights again and check for daylight peeking through around the door. Repeat the process if necessary. While working on the seal, it is a good idea to do some general maintenance on the door. Check for other loose nuts and tighten if necessary. Spray the tracks with cooking oil or other lubricant for smooth operation.