Fixing a Leaky Hamster Water Bottle

A hamster water bottle is an essential part of any hamster cage. Hamsters require plenty of fresh water throughout the day and night. In order to ensure that your pet remains healthy, it's crucial that you keep its water supply available at all times. However, if the water bottle develops a drip or begins to leak, you may have a hard time keeping the cage clean. Read on for a brief overview of how to fix a leak in a hamster water bottle.

Tools and Materials

  • Teflon tape
  • Towel or cloth
  • Rubber O ring
  • Plastic glue
  • Slanted nozzle

Step 1 -- Examine the Bottle

Begin by removing the bottle from the cage. Examine the bottle to see if there are any visible reasons why it may be leaking. Look for where the water comes from. Try tapping on the bottle or shaking it very slightly to simulate the motion of the hamster in the cage, and observe whether or not any of the water comes out when you do so. By targeting the part of the bottle that leaks particularly, you'll be able to address the problem and fix the bottle more effectively once and for all.

Step 2 -- Tape the Bottle Threads

The most common site for a leak on a hamster water bottle is the threads that run along the sides. If the water is leaking from this part of the bottle, wrap some Teflon tape around the bottle. It may be easiest to cut off small pieces of tape that are about 6 to 8 inches long and wrap them around the bottle. Clean any water off of the bottle with a towel or cloth before you begin so that the tape will stick. Continue this process until the sides of the bottle are entirely covered, or until the leak stops.

Step 3 -- Install an O Ring

If the leak comes from where the top of the bottle attaches to the base of the bottle, first check to make sure that the top will screw on tightly. If it does, remove the top, dry off the top with the towel, and then affix a rubber O ring to the inside of the top. The ring should be small enough that it fits snugly. Refasten the top to the base of the bottle and check for the leak.

Step 4 -- Glue Other Sections

If there is a leak coming from another part of the bottle, dry out the bottle completely, and then use plastic glue to close it up. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before you put water in the bottle and give it back to your pet.

Step 5 -- Purchase a New Nozzle

Oftentimes, slanted nozzles work much better at retaining water than straight ones. Consider purchasing a slanted nozzle for your pet's water bottle and replacing the existing straight nozzle if that is appropriate to your situation.