Fixing a Weak Air Conditioner Unit

air conditioning unit outside a building
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  • Intermediate
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What You'll Need
InDuct fan
Freon gauge

A weak air conditioner unit can cause you to be hot all throughout the summer time. In order to avoid this problem, there are ways you can fix the problem. With the right information, you will be able to fix a weak air conditioner unit without resorting to hiring a professional. This will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Step 1 - Install A Duct Fan

In many cases, the problem is the air conditioner unit simply does not have the power necessary to push the air to the entire house. This problem can often be remedied by adding a fan to the middle of the duct work. The fan works by automatically drawing air from the air conditioner in order to get it to rooms suffering from ineffective air flow. Simply pull apart the duct work half way between the air conditioner and the room that is not getting enough air. Install the InDuct fan like you would a piece of duct work. It should come with the sealant you need in order to keep air from leaking. The control unit will connect to a different section of the duct work and will tell the fan when to turn on.

Step 2 - Check For A Leaking Return Air System

man looking into AC duct

Often the easiest way of fixing problems with a unit that is not cooling properly is to reseal the return air. In order to check if the return air is leaking into the fresh air supply, turn on the “fan only” mode on your thermostat. After measuring the temperature of the air outside, measure the air being blown into the home. It should register a degree or two higher because of friction. If it is significantly higher, it means the return air is leaking into the fresh air and causing it to continuously heat the air in the home. In order to alleviate the problem, seal any holes you find on the return air system. This will keep the air from the home going outside while the air from outside is cycled in.

Step 3 - Check Your Freon Level

Often times the problem with a weak system is nothing more than the system being low on freon. You should be able to buy freon from the home improvement store. You will also be able to buy the freon inspection gauge. This will tell you how many pounds of freon are in your system. Your unit will say on the outside exactly how much freon your air conditioner is supposed to hold. If you are in a state which does not allow you to replace your own freon, you will have to pay a professional to charge your unit. At least you will know if they are putting the correct amount in or trying to take you for a ride.