Fixing an Old Marble Fireplace Fixing an Old Marble Fireplace

Presented with the sight of an old, sorely abused marble fireplace may make you wonder what to do. A decorative, functional fireplace adds a great deal of enhancement to the décor of any room or home. But, if your marble fireplace has that run-down look, follow these simple tips to get it looking good.


  • Consider re-facing the fireplace with available marble tile if the surface area is considerably worn, chipped and dinged up with pockmarks prevalent.
  • Like a marble countertop that needs revitalizing, you can also take upon yourself a sanding project that will bring the luster of the marble fireplace back to its original form.
  • Don’t forget to examine other aspects about the fireplace that once either restored and revitalized or replaced will add to its rebirth. Examine the mantel for re-facing or replacement. Consider a cobblestone or marble tile mantel to add an attractive appeal. Use of exotic wood or possibly real wood logs can add a creative accent.
  • Install a decorative backboard to your marble fireplace. Consider investigating your family crest and use this as your decoration.
  • Don’t overlook replacing the doors using frames made from polished bronze or steel that definitely will compliment your existing marble facing.

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